Erciyes Fragment is a 6 piece, symphonic death metal band with thrash and progressive influences. It was created as an unnamed project between Bassist, Peter Ortiz and Guitarist, Scottie Ruiz. Soon after, local Drummer, Chris Luna, was brought in as only a temporary addition, but shortly after was a permanent member. After composing three solid tracks as a 3-piece, they contacted local vocalist, Giovannie Dearrastia who wrote the lyrics to the three tracks written by the group. Although it felt as a solid sound was being produced, Peter decided to bring in Antonio Manente to play Keys, adding the 'symphonic' element to the band. Once the sound was finalized, the name "Erciyes Fragment" was brought to the table, along with many others, but of course the band voted as a unit and the name was solidified. It represented the sound and message the band was trying to send across. Their use of the 'Puzzle Piece' or 'First Fragment', represents the fact that they are simply "a small piece of a giant puzzle, like many of us, we think so little of many things without truly seeing the 'bigger picture'". But giving the enigmatic influence of vocalist and lyricist, Gio, he claims, "The name itself has a greater meaning than what's assumed at first read, same with the lyrics behind the music.". In February of 2017, they released a single titled "Culpable Deceit" which was a culmination of everything they had to offer musically. After the release of their single, Peter contacted Sycarian guitarist and vocalist, Kevin Chiliquinga, who stepped in to take the place of second guitar as well as a composer making him an integral member of the group. These 6 individuals come together to put on a memorable performance by involving their fans in their overall development, streaming themselves live via social media at rehearsals as to make the viewers/listeners as much a part of the band as the sextuplet, is only one example if this gesture. With an overall positive outlook and collective sense of humor, Erciyes Fragment pushes to prove that their music speaks volumes in terms of relativity, lyrically, and creatively, musically and melodically. Having donned the genre title of "Threat Metal", they look to continue individually and collectively progressing musically to further write music to satisfy the metal-head in any music lover's soul.